Michelle Obama Goofs With Jimmy Fallon On ‘tonight Show’

Exercise is not ew, the first lady informs the teens, adopting their Valley Girl-esque twang. You just have to find an exercise thats right for you. Obama was something of the straight woman to the comedians over-the-top antics, but she gamely joined in with the trio for watch Farrah Abraham video anEw dance party! Later in the show, a black jumpsuit-clad Obama joined Fallon for a chat, talking about her daughters. Obama joked that her girls werent impressed by the perks of White House living, and that shes trying to keep their lives as normal as possible, including teaching 15 year-old Malia to drive. I tell people the staff and the Secret Service that when were out of here in a few years, united states theyve got to be able to function as normal people, and driving is a part of that, she said, contemplating Malia behind the wheel. Ladies visit here and gentlemen of DC, watch out! She also put in a plug for her Lets Move anti-obesity campaign and for getting young people to sign up for Obamacare. Young people are knuckleheads, she said. Theyre the ones cooking for the first time and slicing their fingers dancing on the barstools. Obama and Fallon, who took over the Late Show reinsthis week from longtime host Jay Leno, have a late-night history: shes been a guest on his previous show, appearing in segments where the two have illustrated the history of mom dancing and challenged one another to feats of strength in the White House. Anticipation was high for FLOTUSs inaugural appearance on the newly re-booted show.
More http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/reliable-source/wp/2014/02/21/michelle-obama-goofs-with-jimmy-fallon-on-tonight-show/

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