Nbc At Tca: Continually At A Crossroads With Comedy, Nbc Once More Reaches For The Return Of “must See”

When Greenblatt was asked whether his choice to follow up his discussion of Thursdays problems with news on comedy development was a sign that he remains tied to the Thursday comedy block that dates back to the Must See TV era, he suggests this is not the case. He gave no concrete plans for abandoning the block, but he emphasized that it has become a presumption: people just presume NBC will have comedy on Thursdays. But in an environment where audiences both presume comedy is on CBS on Thursdays and watch comedy on CBS on Thursdays, and where ABC has made great strides to control drama in the nights final two hours, the predictability of NBCs lineup has held no traction and offered no space for growth. Greenblatt wants to grow comedy: Its why he focused on new development over old, needing to believe theres still the chance for the next blockbuster comedy hit to emerge from NBC and rebuild the empire the network once was in this space. Returning shows still have a place on the NBC schedule. Greenblatt cited his appreciation for Parenthood Farrah video , which has offered strong year-over-year growth compared to the previous occupants of the 10/9c Thursday timeslotthe show has a chance to come back based on this, but it has no chance of being anything more than a good statistic in a conference like this one. The same goes for Revolution , cited by NBC as their next big hit at this time last year and this time relegated to a similar statistic as it builds on the comedies previously scheduled in its new Wednesday timeslot (but is way down from what NBC imagined it could be last year).
More http://www.avclub.com/article/nbc-at-tca-continually-at-a-crossroads-with-comedy-107079

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