Digital Music Sales Drop For First Time As Streaming Soars

With more than 118 billion streams in 2013 reported by our data providers, which is the approximate revenue equivalent of 59 million albums purchased, the industry remains vibrant as consumption continues to change and expand. With more ways than ever to consume music, theres reason for optimism in the industryso long Farrah video as the key players on all sides can hash out an equitable distribution of revenues for streaming. Among individual songs and artists, the winners included many of the usual suspects. Justin TimberlakesThe 20/20 Experiencewas the top-selling album (2.4 million), while Robin Thickes Blurred Lines was the most-downloaded digital track (6.5 million). There were surprises, too, like country star Luke BryansCrash My Party, which sold 1.5 million unitsthird-most of any albumand Beyonces self-titled effort, which captured this one the No. 8 spot with 1.3 million in sales despite debuting halfway through December. [This] is a testament to the passionate dedication of Beyonces legions of fans, one veteran entertainment lawyer told me last month. Most artists have to pre-sell or hype albums by giving away singles on various websites, or streaming the album. Jay Zs Magna Carta Holy Grailmoved 1.1 million units, good enough to land the No.
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