‘gary Antagonized Her’: Farrah Abraham Blames Ex-boyfriend Of ‘teen Mom’ Costar Amber Portwood For Her Jailing


4 after serving 17 months of a five-year drug sentence and now shes finding support from ex-costar Farrah Abraham . Speaking exclusively to RadarOnline.com, Abraham said jailbird Portwood should have never gone to prison and slammed her baby daddy, Gary Shirley , as being a bad influence. PHOTOS: Teen Mom Amber Portwood Released From Prison After 17 Gary antagonized Amber while she was also dealing with stress and handling her bipolar disorder. I hope Amber can now stay away from the pressures of the media and focus on her new, healthier Farrah tape beginning at life.
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Kanye West Co-opts Confederate Flag: Publicity Stunt Or Way To Prompt Debate?

Southern governors have risked boycott and ouster from office to keep it flying at state installations. Meanwhile, President Barack Obama has said visit homepage it belongs in a museum. “When people say that the Confederate flag represents slavery, I ask them, ‘If you look at the importation of slaves to the United States from Africa, what flag did they fly under? It was the United States flag,” said George Mason University’s Walter Williams , an economics professor who studies and writes about race. “People say, ‘Let’s get rid of the Confederate flag because it’s a symbol of slavery.’ I say, ‘What do we do with the American flag?’ ” he said.
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The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From The Tree… Especially For Celebrities And Their Children

SBS is continuing their ” Star Junior: Lookalike ” show, which features about a dozen celebrities and their children in a quiz/talk show format. KBS is also pushing out “Mama Mia”, a show that shows female celebrities and their daughters. When including cable programs and the upcoming pilot programs, more than 10 prime time programs are these family entertainment shows. Many broadcasters think that the search of true “reality TV” has led to these family programs. The programs feature real family and real reactions of the celebrity toward their family. The celebrity is able to appeal his or her natural self, and the family members featured are often highly entertaining and gain popularity as well.
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